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Christopher is originally from a small town in northwestern PA. He began making pottery in 1985. He rediscovered pottery during a long recovery, after a near fatal auto accident in late 1990.  Christopher returned to making art in 1991, He expanded his artistic horizons by exploring different processes and working with potters in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky. Christopher taught the potter’s wheel at a U. S. Army Post’s craft center for more than one year.

In the new century, life challenges had greatly constricted studio time. Only a limited number of works were produced. 

Recently opportunities have surfaced making it possible for Christopher to commit more time in the studio.  

Christopher has returned to using a manually powered kick wheel and is doing more hand-building. Keep checking back, for new work and places where his work is available. Contact us if you have questions or ideas.

Christopher Karg

Potter - Artist

Karg Pottery


Coming Soon! 

United States Air Force Logo Coffee mug or drinking cup.  Contact us for info.

The Butler 50th!

Welcome to my personal web site. 
My path in life has had extraordinary events. 
While facing seemingly impossible challenges, God led me to back Art.
During good times and bad,

God has shown me the way through clay.
Join me in celebrating of the

blessings of Life and the Joy of Art.